Stage Fright Live – The Premier Battle of the Bands Showdown!

News & Updates   |   June 8, 2023

We’re beyond excited to present the inaugural Stage Fright Live, an electrifying three-night musical competition where talented bands from all over the region will face off in the ultimate battle of skills and creativity! This grand event is more than just a concert – it’s a potent fusion of emerging talents, innovative music, and a vibrant showcase of our thriving music community.

Powered by distinguished brands like Mickey’s Black Box, Tone Tailors Guitar Shop, and Pixel & Hammer, Stage Fright Live promises to deliver an unforgettable experience to every music enthusiast. Expect an environment ripe with competitive spirit, camaraderie, and stellar performances that will keep the excitement soaring throughout the nights.

Over the course of this epic event, bands will step onto the stage, each bringing their unique musical style to captivate the audience. These performances will be meticulously judged by our panel of experienced music industry professionals, all on the lookout for the next big sensation.

Stage Fright Live is more than just a competition; it’s a symbol of unity as it brings together music lovers, artists, and local businesses, building stronger bonds and creating a platform for the arts. This event is a celebration of our collective belief in the power of music to inspire, connect, and uplift.

The event is backed by key industry players. Mickey’s Black Box, revered for their commitment to top-notch music, brings their passion to Stage Fright Live. Tone Tailors Guitar Shop, the haven for all things guitar, lends their support, recognizing the raw talent and promise of the competing bands. Pixel & Hammer, renowned for their mastery in brand development and digital experiences, showcases their dedication to nurturing creativity.

As the anticipation continues to build for this high-energy event, we invite you to become part of the inaugural Stage Fright Live. Whether you’re a hard-rock aficionado, a follower of heartfelt melodies, or an explorer of innovative sounds, there’s something for everyone at Stage Fright Live.

The atmosphere at Stage Fright Live will be electric with excitement, suspense, and memorable music that will resonate within you long after the last chord fades into the night.

Tickets for Stage Fright Live are up for grabs now! But act quickly, as they’re flying off the virtual shelves, and you won’t want to miss out on this extraordinary event. Secure your tickets today for a front-row seat to a groundbreaking musical spectacle and witness the genesis of the next big stars in the music scene.

The music industry is on the edge of its seat, and the bands are ready to deliver performances of a lifetime. Get ready to be part of a Battle of the Bands like no other. Stage Fright Live is about to take the stage. Are you ready?


Tone Tailors presents: Stage Fright Live. A battle of the bands event open to all amature bands on the east coast. This three night event will jam packed with some of your favorit local bands. Line up & ticket links are coming soon, don't miss out!

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