Sponsor Stage Fright Live: Ignite Your Brand Like Never Before!

Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime! Stage Fright Live, our first annual battle of the band’s event, is opening its doors for dynamic and forward-thinking sponsors.

Stage Fright Live is an exhilarating celebration of emerging talent, a platform where aspiring musicians push their boundaries, engage the crowd, and put on a performance that resonates long after the final chord fades away.

By sponsoring Stage Fright Live, you align your brand with the vibrant, pulsating energy that only live music can create.

Reach a Diverse Audience

Live music attracts a wide, diverse demographic of dedicated music fans, offering your brand a unique opportunity to connect with different segments of the market.

Amplify Your Brand Presence

The prominence of Mickey’s Black Box combined with the passion and engagement of its attendees, creates a fertile ground for your brand to grow. Your logo on our banners, stage, merchandise, and digital platforms will make a lasting impression, allowing your brand to amplify its presence in the minds of our engaged audience.

Create Engaging Experiences

As a sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to create bespoke experiences that resonate with our audience, showcasing your brand’s unique ethos and creating authentic connections. Engage directly with attendees via interactive booths, contests, product demos, or exclusive areas – the sky’s the limit!

We invite you to ignite your brand with the electric energy of Stage Fright Live. Sponsor us and let’s create a melody of success together. For more details on sponsorship packages, please get in touch with us via our contact form. Join us in crafting an unforgettable experience, one beat at a time.


Tone Tailors presents: Stage Fright Live. A battle of the bands event open to all amature bands on the east coast. This three night event will jam packed with some of your favorit local bands. Line up & ticket links are coming soon, don't miss out!

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