Sponsor Spotlight: Mickey’s Black Box

Our Partners   |   June 8, 2023

A Beacon of Creative Light in Rock Lititz

In the pulsating heart of Rock Lititz campus, nestled amidst the hum of creativity and the rhythm of innovation, lies an extraordinary venue known as Mickey’s Black Box. This place is more than just a stage; it’s a vibrant nexus where various art forms, performers, and audiences come together to create and celebrate unforgettable experiences.

The story behind Mickey’s Black Box is as compelling as the events it hosts. Born from the visionary mind of Michael “Mickey” Tait, this dynamic venue carries the echoes of his illustrious journey from Australia to London, and eventually, to Lititz, Pennsylvania. Mickey’s storied career weaves together the worlds of music and technical innovation, from his early days as a road manager for the progressive rock band YES, to his role as a pioneering force in tour lighting.

Mickey Tait has always been synonymous with ground-breaking innovation. He is credited with creating the first pedalboard for guitar, the double Mellotron, the iconic flat mirror ball, and the revolutionary portable rotating stage. Each contribution served to disrupt the industry, providing new ways to enhance the concert experience and set a new benchmark for live performances.

Upon relocating to Lititz in the late ’70s, Mickey continued his innovation streak with the establishment of Tait Towers. The company quickly earned a reputation as a trailblazer in staging solutions, serving music legends like Diana Ross, U2, and Bruce Springsteen, and introducing stage technology that redefined performance experiences. The smooth “tongue in groove” stage deck designed by Tait Towers, for example, was an innovation Michael Jackson utilized to perfect his moonwalk.

As Mickey stepped into retirement, he noticed a void in the local arts scene – a need for a flexible, economical venue to nurture emerging talent. A space where musicians, actors, dancers, magicians, and comedians across genres could have their moment in the spotlight. That insight laid the foundation for what would become Mickey’s Black Box.

Today, Mickey’s Black Box stands proudly on the Rock Lititz campus, embodying Mickey’s lifelong dedication to fostering innovation and artistic expression. This versatile venue embraces a broad spectrum of live entertainment events, theater productions, concerts, art shows, and even serves as a unique space for special events, weddings, private parties, and corporate gatherings.

Mickey’s Black Box is more than a physical structure; it’s a dream made manifest. It’s a celebration of the arts, a platform for talent, and a community hub, built around a shared love of performance. If you are seeking a venue that truly understands and caters to the spirit of artistic performances, look no further than Mickey’s Black Box. This space eagerly awaits your creativity, your vision, and your next unforgettable event.


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