sE Microphones: Amplifying Local Talent at Stage Fright Live

Our Partners   |   October 2, 2023

The anticipation is building as Stage Fright Live returns for its biggest finale yet! This battle of the bands competition gives emerging local artists a chance to be heard and launch their careers. We’re thrilled to announce sE Electronics as the exclusive microphone sponsor for this year’s finale, taking place on October 12th.

For over 20 years, sE has been pushing boundaries and innovating in microphone technology. Their mics are crafted with pride to exacting standards, maximizing performance and quality. With an artist-driven design approach, sE understands what musicians need to sound their absolute best.

There’s no better partner than sE to showcase our incredible Stage Fright Live finalists. Their microphones will make sure every powerful vocal, sweeping guitar solo, and thundering drum beat is transmitted with clarity and passion. Interested in learning everyting and anything about sE and their pemier microphone line up? Check out some of their line up below!

Professional Sound & Hand Crafted Microphones by sE

Frequently Asked Questions

V7: sE's Flagship Vocal Mic

When it comes to lead vocals, sE’s V7 dynamic mic is an industry go-to. Its tight supercardioid pattern isolates the vocal while rejecting feedback and bleed. Dual neodymium magnets give it high output to keep levels consistent even at a distance. The V7’s scooped midrange ensures vocals stay clear and intelligible in the mix. An integrated pop filter reduces plosives for smooth, studio-quality sound. Rugged and road-ready, the V7 accurately captures lead vocals night after night.

V CASE: Keeping Mics Safe on the Road

In addition to making top-tier mics, sE also makes top-tier mic accessories! The V CASE series offers road-ready storage and transport for all types of mics and audio gear. Injected molded shells lined with protective foam safely hold mics, clips, and cables securely. They feature customizable carry options from handles to shoulder straps. V CASEs will keep those amazing sE mics protected as Stage Fright Live tours from venue to venue.

Expansion Packs: Miking Made Easy

For efficient stage setup, sE’s Expansion Packs bundle mics into pre-configured kits for drums, guitars, and more. Options like the RNR provide Kick, 2x Snare, and 3x Tom mics, while the DX kit covers Kick, Toms, Overheads, and HiHat. The IGS guitar pack pairs a large diaphragm condenser with a dynamic mic option. With Expansion Packs,Stage Fright Live’s sound engineers can quickly optimize full drum and guitar rigs.

Reflexion Filters: Containing Sound on a Shared Stage

Bleed between mics is one of the biggest challenges of live performance. sE’s innovative Reflexion Filters address this by acting as acoustic barriers around each mic. The specialized material absorbs rear and side sound, allowing only the direct source through with clarity and focus. For Stage Fright Live’s finale, Reflexion Filters will be critical for isolating the sound of each vocalist and instrumentalist on the shared stage.

 X1 Series: Natural Tone for Acoustic Instruments

When acoustic guitars, strings, woodwinds, and other uncovered instruments take the stage, sE’s X1 condensers capture their true, vibrant voices. The X1’s handcrafted large diaphragm capsules pick up every harmonic and subtle detail. With exceptional transient response, these mics replicate the natural tone of acoustic instruments transparently. Any finalist relying on the warmth of an acoustic guitar or the resonance of a violin will shine through the X1 mics.

4400a Multi-Pattern Condenser: A Class-Leading Studio Mic

For studio-quality sound across any source, it’s hard to beat sE’s flagship 4400a. Its 6 micron gold-sputtered capsule provides pristine clarity and accuracy. Switchable polar patterns like cardioid, omni and figure-8 allow tonal shaping flexibility. The 4400a’s wide dynamic range and crystal-clear Class A discrete electronics ensure transparency. From strings to drums to horns, this exceptional condenser captures every nuance flawlessly. It’s perfect for isolating guest instrumental soloists with pristine detail.

V Kick & V Snare: Signature Drum Tones

In the chaotic soundscape of a drum kit, tuning is essential. That’s where sE’s V Kick and V Snare specialists shine. The V Kick’s scooped midrange prevents muddiness for a tight, defined thump. The V Snare adds crisp top-end sizzle to cut through the mix. Both have excellent off-axis rejection for isolation and high SPL capacity to handle aggressive drumming. Any percussionists will love having their signature sounds reinforced by these stellar drum mics.

sE: A Family Making Tools for Artists

What really defines the sE brand is the sense of family throughout the company. Founder Siwei Zou and his daughter Ling, now CEO, uphold a shared passion for music, sound quality, and community. sE’s diverse artists provide valued perspectives on product development from the musician’s viewpoint. The international sales network makes sE mics accessible across the globe. And every product is crafted in Shanghai by sE’s own engineering team. This artist-driven ethos ensures sE understands what performers need to sound their absolute best. As a sponsor with decades of real-world audio experience, sE is the perfect partner for spotlighting talent at Stage Fright Live. We can’t wait for this year’s impressive lineup of local artists to be heard through these exceptional microphones!

Join us for the Stage Fright Live finale on October 12th as sE brings out the best in the next generation of rising talent. Get your tickets now to hear local artists shine at the biggest battle of the bands!


Tone Tailors presents: Stage Fright Live. A battle of the bands event open to all amature bands on the east coast. This three night event will jam packed with some of your favorit local bands. Line up & ticket links are coming soon, don't miss out!

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