Band Registration

Eligibility & Rules for Submission:

  1. The Battle of the Bands is open to all amateur bands.
  2. Bands must consist of two or more members.
  3. Record Label Restrictions: Bands currently signed to a record label are not eligible to participate in the competition. We want to provide a platform for emerging talent and support independent artists.
  4. Music Submission: To enter the competition, bands must submit recorded music showcasing their original compositions or cover songs. Please provide high-quality audio recordings in a digital format (MP3 or WAV) along with your submission.
  5. Application Deadline: All submissions must be received by Sunday July 23rd, 2023. Late entries will not be considered.
  6. Genre: The Battle of the Bands welcomes bands from all musical genres. Whether you’re into rock, pop, jazz, or any other style, we want to hear your unique sound.
  7. Selection Process: A panel of industry professionals will review all submissions and select the bands to participate in the competition. Selections will be based on musical talent, creativity, and potential to engage and entertain the audience.Performance Guidelines: Bands selected to participate in the competition will have the opportunity to perform live on the designated dates. Each band will be given a specific time slot to showcase their music.
  8. Professionalism and Conduct: All participating bands are expected to conduct themselves professionally throughout the competition. Any disruptive or inappropriate behavior may result in disqualification.
  9. Judging Criteria: Bands will be evaluated based on various criteria, including musical skill, stage presence, audience engagement, and overall performance. The judging panel’s decision will be final and cannot be disputed. Moving on to the next round will be calculated via popular vote the night of the event.
  10. Prizes: The winning bands will be awarded gear credit at Tone Tailors provided by Gator, a professionally designed website by Pixel & Hammer, a single recorded at Hear Hear (formerly The SugarTank) a prize package from D’addario and additional giveaways from our vendor partners. By adhering to these rules, bands can ensure fair competition and maximize their chances of success in the Battle of the Bands. Good luck!

What’s at Stake?

Not only will you be crowned the winner of Stage Fright, your band will also receive a vast list of free services, prizes, credits, and more from our friends at the following companies:

Start Rocking & Read This!

We warmly welcome you to participate in the electrifying experience that is Stage Fright Live, the ultimate battle of the bands event! In order to officially register your band and throw your hat in the ring, please diligently fill out the form presented below.

We would like to emphasize that submission of this form is merely the first step in the process, and it does not provide an absolute guarantee of your band’s place in the competition. We receive a vast amount of applications from talented bands, and unfortunately, not all can be accommodated in the event.

Your submission will be reviewed by ourĀ  panel, an ensemble of seasoned professionals deeply rooted in the music industry. They bring their collective wisdom and passion for music to the task of scrutinizing each application, appreciating the talent and uniqueness every band brings, and finally, deciding on those who will ultimately take the stage at the Stage Fright Live event.

This process ensures that the bands selected for the competition represent the highest caliber of talent and have the ability to deliver a performance that aligns with the spirit of the Stage Fright Live event.

After the review process, the bands that make the cut will be contacted by our team. The selected bands will be given the opportunity to showcase their talent, passion, and musicianship to the world on the grand stage of Stage Fright Live. Each band will be expected to play 3 originals and 1 cover (chosen by the committee) that will be revealed if selected.

We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process, as we strive to put together an unforgettable event. Thank you for your interest in joining the line-up for this musical extravaganza that is the Stage Fright Live. We look forward to the possibility of seeing your band light up our stage!


Tone Tailors presents: Stage Fright Live. A battle of the bands event open to all amature bands on the east coast. This three night event will jam packed with some of your favorit local bands. Line up & ticket links are coming soon, don't miss out!

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